Unemployment Adversely Effects The Health

For all people, basic needs of life are fulfilled by employment. Unemployment can increase the anxiety and depression and lowers the self-esteem and self-satisfaction in a society. Unemployment adversely effects the health both physically and mentally. First the Main point is to know the exact meaning of health. Health is a state of physical, mental and social well being. There are lots of factor which effect the health in different ways like education, environment, health services, social factors and unemployment on different aspects of health. Pakistan is under developed country and suffering from main issue of unemployment since 1948. Many young educated people are jobless in Pakistan and there are looking for it here and there.

At last due to loss of job, many young people developed many health problems especially hypertension, diabetes and other heart diseases. On other side, many employees are not satisfied with their jobs and salary package so they continuously remain in anxiety and insomnia. Such types of factors adversely effects the health and person do not remain physically and mentally healthy. In Pakistan majority of young generation is suffering from headache, migraine and hypertension due to current unemployment issue and fear of being starved. Many low qualified people are at higher rank and on the other hand many educated people do Dehaari system for survival. Such a nation is at high risk of destruction.

Unemployment adversely effects psychologically as it impacts on thinking process and way of thinking. Many young boys and girls commit suicide for having no jobs and continuously remain in anxiety, depression, inferiority complex, poverty and fear due to psychological illness. This young generation is the power of our nation but unemployment had spoil our nation’s power.  Loss of job and amount of family and friends support is coping with the stress of losing the job. There is a direct relationship between the loss of job for any reason and development of stress. The understood reason behind this is, modern interventions are made, and expenses are increased. Education has become more and more expensive. Poor man can’t survive happily and confidently in such a society where some people are much too rich and some are poor. Such society actually triggers the complex, crimes and serious health problems.

Effect’s Of Stress On Body

Unemployment adversely effects the health by increasing the stress amount than the normal tolerate amount by body. Why stress is so dangerous for whole body? The reason is when the body is in stress, the sympathetic nervous system activates, gastric motility reduces, blood pressure increases, pupil of eye becomes dilate, digestive system slows down and bowel movement accelerates in body. Prolonged stress cause the brain stroke. Due to decrease gastric motility, appetite center do not activate and person do not feel hunger. In such situation, body weight decreases and person become lean.

Due to increase blood pressure, heart pumps faster than the usual. Heart rate increases. Heart have to work more forcefully and person might get myocardial infarction or heart attack.

Bowel movement increases during stress and person might develop diarrhea. But prolonged stress can cause constipation which if untreated, leads to piles or hemorrhage.

Thus unemployment adversely effects the health. Many young people are the patient of migraine, headache, and depression and heart problems. Age related changes begin to appear early in such types of people.

Now a days Unemployment issue is very common issue due to corruption and references policy. Government should take steps about this issue which is the root of illness rather than improving health resources. Many health care unit providing the care by early diagnosis, prompt treatment and specific protection.

World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO have organized a system “health for all” which is established for all kind of Humans rather than their needs? Alas! Source of income are still limited. A lot of people are unemployed and indulge in crimes to meet the physical needs.

This is surveyed many thieves are young’s but jobless despite of higher education. Unemployment adversely effects the health by acting on their normal mental functions. A jobless person who is living in a stress situation for long time, loss his power to do work efficiently and accurately as he could. His IQ power decreases, emotional intelligence also affected, memory to store or recall the things also diminishes. In short a jobless person thinks his life is burden on himself. He remains no longer active as he could if he gets job.