Pregnancy is the crucial time period of 270 days sometime duration can fluctuate. During this gestation period every women gets some pregnancy myths which depends on her living style, her society, her traditions and religious believes. One point is to note, not only a women have this myths sometime her husband and her family may also get this. What are the pregnancy myths? Myths means are traditional story especially one concerning the early history of people, explaining a natural or social phenomenon. These myths are sometime just imaginations or false believes. But sometime are due to experiences by seeing the other people. There are lot of common pregnancy myths which a women may get during his gestational period but some are under consideration.


Common pregnancy myths

Some people consider that stress is bed for foetus. People think stress can badly effect the growth and development of foetus during this period. But medical research shows that a moderate stress is good for foetus because it forces the nervous system and accelerates the development. Modern study also shows that a women who experienced stress during this periods have infants with best working speed brain than those who remain relax throughout. Their brain have heigher mental development and heigher motor activities.


Common pregnancy myths

Another myth on which women falsely believes that having a sex more than one time a day can increase  the probability of  conception But it is not true. Women release only one egg during each cycle and male ejaculate semen in which thousands of sperms are present but only one of them is capable to fertilize the egg. In actual, having a sex more than twice a day reduces the sperm count in semen and also decreases the capability of fertilization. As the number of  having sexual intercourse  increases, the chances of getting pregnant decreases.


Common pregnancy myths

Some women consider that laying back is a good way to support the foetus and a way of relaxation. But researches show that laying back may produce stress on foetus that could increase the risk of still birth. When women lay on their back, oxygen supply to foetus reduces and foetus switches from its active state to sleeping mode. How to lay during pregnancy is very common issue. Don’t lay straight on your back as it may increase the heart rate of foetus. So pregnant women must lay on their back on left side.


Common pregnancy myths

One common pregnancy myth is that a pregnant women should not eat sweet dishes during whole period that is no true. In actual a women who eat sweets during this periods, she have a foetus with less fear and more smile at age of six months. Who eats chocolate during last trimester, have 40% less risk of developing the blood pressure or hypertension. It is believed baby is more smiley and genereous if mother eat more sweet food.

5 – Common Pregnancy Myths ABOUT GENDER

Common pregnancy myths

Some women believes that if she have more morning sickness then it means foetus is a girl. If a women experienced more appetite then a developing foetus is a boy. This all are myths about gender that many women may get during pregnancy and some people struck on these tales. The modern techniques ultrasounds and amniocentsis are best  way to determine the gender and more accurately after first trimester.


Common pregnancy myths

like pregnancy myths, baby myths also a common myth during gestational period. Some old or conservative mind people forced. The women to give birth a baby boy and a birth of baby girl is a hallmark of her destruction. But with the passage of time this myth is eliminating. Now a days birth of baby girl is considered a great blessing of Allah Almighty. Some women are extraordinary conscious about their diet and fitness. So such a women do not take health food and then  foetus have to suffer.

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