Top 5 Most Common Pregnancy Myths

Pregnancy is a memorable and lovely phase of a woman’s life. But as soon as you announce your pregnancy to your near and dear ones, you will be bombarded with a bundle of advice related to pregnancy. Sometimes this advice is so funny and sometime it may add your fear.

As a mom, it’s your duty not follow any advice blindly, as it can affect your health as well as your baby’s. Some theories can be helpful, while some can be harmful.

In our society, there are many myths about pregnancy, so It is very important to know the real facts behind commonly held pregnancy myths. Be practical and keep in mind one thing that, every pregnancy is different, so follow your health care provider advice, don’t follow myths. They are not based on reality. It’s a very sad fact that many expected moms follow much myth and by doing this they hurt their baby and sometimes it results in the form of abortion. So it’s a request to all expected moms be careful and doesn’t follow these harmful old myths. So here we provide a list of common myths that every expected mom listen in her pregnancy phase. Let’s have a look.

Myth # 5

Pregnancy Myths
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It sounds very funny,

during pregnancy women often believe that they should eat more  because, after all, “You’re eating for two.”

This is a wrong myth and not based on any reality. During pregnancy, a woman simply needs to focus on healthy nutritious food. A pregnant woman only needs about 300 extra calories per day.

By following this myth expected moms will gain an unhealthy amount of weight, which will increase the risk of gestational diabetes,  high blood pressure and potentially be needing a cesarean birth because the baby is very large.

So don’t eat for two just follow a healthy diet plan and take care of yourself.

Myth # 4 Avoiding exercise

Pregnancy Myths
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Most of our grandmother gives pregnancy tips that totally depend upon baseless facts. You often observed and hear that pregnant women should avoid exercise and rest as much as possible during the nine months of pregnancy.

By avoiding exercise, expected moms again take a very wrong step against healthy pregnancy. Even doctors ask pregnant women to regularly enjoy a short walk, get some light exercise and do some light house chores. However, it is very true that you must avoid very hard and difficult activities or workouts.

If you want to be active during pregnancy tend to have shorter labors, less chance of postpartum depression and sleep better than those who don’t exercise during pregnancy will keep your body fit and help you regain your pre-pregnancy shape faster after delivery.

Myth # 3 Do Not Keep Cats at Home

Pregnancy Myths
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Mostly our grandmothers say that during pregnancy a pregnant woman should stay away from your pet cat.

During pregnancy the doctors always advice to be happy and do those things that makes yourself in a comfortable zone. You all agree with me, Cats are lovely pets and their funny activities can help reduce stress and bring a smile to your face.

Just one thing you have to follow and kept in mind while having a cat at home. Don,t change your cat’s litter box during pregnancy, due to the risk of toxoplasmosis from the feline waste. Actually, it is filled with millions of parasites that are really harmful.

Toxoplasmosis can increase the danger of miscarriage or stillbirth. The infection can even cause deformities in the developing fetus.

So for this ask your partner or a friend to clean the litter box, and you just enjoy your pet cat. Also, after playing with your cute lovely cat thoroughly wash your hands. Just by following these tips you can enjoy with your pet.

Myth # 2: Carrying High Means It’s a Girl

Pregnancy Myths
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I found this myth really very baseless and quite funny that when a woman is carrying a high baby bomb, it indicates she’s having a baby girl. Conversely, if she is carrying low, it is a baby boy

There is no scientific basis for this assumption. Just believe how you could assume any result just by watching the baby bump of an expected mom. The shape and size of a pregnant belly depend on many other factors, such as the shape of your uterus, your unique body type, and your abdominal muscles. It also depends upon the position of the fetus, posture and the amount of fat deposited around the abdomen determine the shape of the pregnant belly.

Its a humble request to all expected moms that If you really want to know the gender of your unborn baby, your doctor can tell you as soon as you are far enough along in your pregnancy.

Myth #1 The Fetal Heart Rate Indicates a Baby’s Gender

Pregnancy Myths
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Here we share a universal myth about gender revolves around your baby’s heartbeat. It is believed that if the baby’s heartbeat is fast, then it indicates that it is a baby girl, while a slow heart rate means it is a baby boy. I don’t believe how people believe it. The fact is that there is no scientific explanation for this universal myth. The heart rate of the fetus changes throughout the pregnancy period and is dependent upon the health and age of the growing fetus.

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