Top 5 Magical Hibiscus health Benefits

Hibiscus is a very good looking attractive plant that can brighten up any garden. This flowering plant basically grows in tropical and warm regions, but it can also be grown seasonally in other areas where the climate is only warm for part of the year. The leaves of this pretty flowering plant are an alternate, ovate to lanceolate, often with a toothed or lobed margin. The hibiscus flowers are large, conspicuous, trumpet-shaped, with five or more petals, color from white to pink, red, orange, peach, yellow and from 4–18 cm broad. Here we add some more interesting about this plant, Hibiscus syriacus is the national flower of South Korea, and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is the national flower of Malaysia.

hibiscus health benefits

Fresh and dried hibiscus flowers are edible. Hibiscus are most commonly used to make herbal tea. The tea rich in vitamins C and A, zinc and several healthy minerals. It also contains 15 to 30 percent organic acids, including citric acid, malic acid, and tartaric acid. This herbal tea also contains polysaccharides and flavonoids. The dried flowers of hibiscus can also be candied and used as a garnish, usually for desserts. And this garnishing increase the beauty.

So guys what do you say about hibiscus health benefits? I think you must try once in life to get the excellent health results. so here we share the recipe for making hibiscus tea and also its health benefits.

Recipe for making hibiscus tea

hibiscus health benefits 
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It’s very easy you just have to add 2 to 3 teaspoons of dried hibiscus petals to 2 cups of water. Then Bring it to a boil, & let it simmer for five minutes. Strain it, and add some raw honey and little drops of lemon juice just for taste.If you like you can also garnish with mint. Drink this tea on a regular basis to boost your health

Stunning hibiscus health benefits 

5  Helps Relieve Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

hibiscus health benefits 

The health benefits of this tea also include calming the nervous system. This helps put people into a positive mind frame to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. As we know nowadays depression is the basic problem faced by many people so it’s a good remedy you can try at home.

4 Superb Treatment against Menstrual Cramps

hibiscus health benefits 
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Nowadays girls mostly face the problem of Menstrual Cramps during their special days. So you don’t need to take medicines because if you drink warm tea of Hibiscus you can get rid of these Menstrual pain.Because this magical tea helps soothe the painful menstrual cramps. But upgrade your drink to hibiscus tea for instant relief.

3. Benefits Weight Loss

hibiscus health benefits 

Hibiscus tea may also be a useful component to a weight loss program. Yeah, it’s very effective. As it is low-in-calories, and it is a diuretic herb that helps flush toxins and excess fluids in the human body. You know guys, Hibiscus extract is known to lower the absorption of starch and glucose that may lead to weight loss.
This amazing tea also stops the production of amylase that helps in speeding up of absorption process of carbohydrates. This is a fact this flower is used as an ingredient in most weight loss products.

2 Improves Digestion

hibiscus health benefits 

Hibiscus tea is also considered a valuable digestive aid, and it is thought Hibiscus tea can improve your bowel and bladder function. Hibiscus tea carries diuretic properties that increase urination and normalizes bowel movements.

For those who are suffering from constipation and indigestion, this tea is very helpful for them as it is best for improving the overall health of gastrointestinal system

1 Improves Mood

hibiscus health benefits 

The antidepressant properties of Hibiscus that help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. The flavonoids in it assist in calming the nervous system and also help to alleviate negative thoughts and reduce symptoms of depression.
So, guys, this is a superb way to make your Mood happy, whenever you are or feeling depressed, sip a cup of warm hibiscus tea and you will soon feel better.
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