Top 13 Elegant & Modish Middle Eastern Women

A woman is a symbol of beauty, no doubt, but middle eastern women are always known as the most beautiful women in the world. They have attractive facial features that enhance their personality very well. Middle eastern women are always steaming hot anyway and you know it! They have very active personalities and actions even if you don’t understand a single word they say in their cute language.

Women of this region make a lasting impression with their exceptional looks. In this article, we’ve put together a list of the 13  most gorgeous women portraying middle eastern beauty.

Let’s check out these beautiful women below and share your views with us

# 13 Dominique Hourani Lebanon

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Dominique Hourani is one of the most successful supermodels today. She has an alluring style, posts pictures of exotic beaches, family photos,  and many creative, stunning modeling pictures.

Hourani loved fashion and art

Throughout her childhood, Hourani loved fashion and art, and always dreamed of being on the covers of magazines and billboards.

Educated woman

She is not only a brilliant actress in the entertainment industry but also a highly educated woman. Dominique Hourani holds an MBA degree from the Lebanese American University in addition to two other degrees in business administration and accounting. She also holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Business Marketing from the Lebanese American University.

Successful career 

Hourani sings in Arabic, English, French, and Italian. She is interviewed by major media outlets and holds concerts continually around the globe from musical tours in America, Australia to concerts along with her dancers in major events and festivals in the Middle Eastern countries.

 # 12 Mashael Saudi Arabia

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Mashael, a stunning raven-haired Saudi singer with deep brown eyes, breathtaking smile, and slim figure divides our list in half. She is the owner of beautiful heart touching voice. Her songs are very classy and especially youth love it.

Mashael rules hearts of fans  ♥ ♥ ♥

Not only in Saudi Arabia, Mashael is a well-known singer in many Arab countries. The energy and the sweetness in her sound are beyond explanation. Her, live performances are so ravishing and her fans really enjoyed it.


She is not involved in any scandal that destroys her reputation but many critics raised a question on the attitude of Mashael that she has not good relation with fellow singers. Her attitude is quite rude and many fellow singers dislike this habit of Mashael.

She loves her fans

In an interview, this Saudi beauty says “I have good relations with Gulf singers. My positive attitude toward my work is what motivates me to produce the best for my fans. My fans are always on my side and support me. I always make sure that I repay their trust.”

# 11 Laila Abdullah Kuwait

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Acting Inspiration
Her inspiration in the field of acting is the outstanding artist late Soad Hosni. She says that  I’ve watched all of her movies and I started to imitate her and sing her songs in front of the mirror.
Laila starting journey of acting when she was in eight standard
She said when she was in eight standards, she joined the field of acting. But she really missed all those things that she cant do due to the busy schedule. As she also studies and doing acting projects she missed her friends, the games, eating favorite dishes and much more. But no doubt her hardworking and many sacrifices gives herself a wonderfully successful career, good reputation and much more.

Her favorite role 

This beautiful actress loves all her character she played and she really loves the character of Rim in Saher Al Lail 2, because this is much closer to real Laila as she is adventurous, crazy, jealous, and loves life and friends.

Travel lover

She loves traveling and she says Two places where I find great psychological comfort and enjoy full relaxation are Abu Dhabi and Lebanon.

 # 10 Abrar Sabt  Bahrain

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With striking, sharp features and a killing gaze, she remains one of the most beautiful faces middle eastern women. We are talking about the ravishing actress Abrar Sabt.

She is a very stylish talented actress. She loves to connect with fans that’s why she is very active on social media especially on Instagram. Her dressing sense is really admired and followed by girls.

# 9 Shlomit Malka Israel 

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Oh yeah!…Here is where the hot just got hotter Shlomit Malka. She has a beautiful nose, cute and big beautiful eyes + cute smile which makes her one of the most beautiful middle eastern women. We cannot help falling in love with Shlomit Malka over and over again, every time we see her.

 # 8 Ivi Adamou Cyprus

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She is an outclass amazing Singer, songwriter, actress, & philanthropist. She has a very cute nose with hazel colored small and beautiful eyes and good-shaped lip. Not only her outer features are amazing, but also her soul is more cute, caring rather than her physical looks.

A true humanitarian

Adamou has also participated in several charities such as the campaign “Everything I Can”, special for the prevention of cervical cancer. She was also appointed as the Young Ambassador for the rights of the kids by the HFC-UNCRC Policy Center. this shows her love towards humanity. 

# 7 Amal Maher Egypt

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She has a very sexy look. She has many Instagram pictures showing off her supermodel figure and her glamorous lifestyle. Amal Maher is an Egyptian singer. No doubt the powerful voice of this Egyptian beauty has captured the hearts of many listeners, and she is heavily influenced by Umm Kulthum.

She has performed many concerts in Egypt and other Arab countries, and in her concerts, she often pays a tribute to Umm Kulthum. Amal Maher is considered one of the most talented artists of her generation.

# 6 Sadaf Taherian Iran

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Sadaf Taherian is an amazing Iranian actress and model. She is a woman who wants to live a life on her own rules. That’s why she faces many controversies. 

Posting Unveiled Images

In protest of Iran’s restrictive law that deems hijabs mandatory for women, Sadaf took off her headscarf and posted photos of herself on social media account.

Her fans reaction to posting without hijab images

And her fans reaction has been mixed. Since removing her headscarf, the actress has received a steady stream of both praise and abuse online.

She tells a true but sad  fact about film directors

In an interview, she said that the sexual harassment she was subjected to behind-the-scenes on her films. She described how directors would demand actresses be involved with them romantically if they wanted to be cast in films. No doubt she is a brave woman who brings the sad fact of the entertainment industry

# 5 Hananeh Shahshahani Iran 

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Here we introduce the stunning Iranian Beauty Hananeh Shahshahani. Her beauty is plain and simple but damn this woman is sexy. Every picture of Hananeh is so graceful. Her beautiful expressive eyes are so lovely. It’s a fact that a woman’s eyes can tell you a lot!

Fitness lover

Hananeh is a great fitness lover, she loves to do exercise and adopt healthy habits. Guys if you are a fan of Hananeh then you probably noticed her stunning killer figure.

Courageous lady

She knows and believes in be willing to dare greatly in life. It takes courage to love fully, to change yourself when necessary, to feel deeply, to leave love when it’s scary and to chase your dreams with passion and an unwavering tenacity.

Hananeh also knows it is not the loudness of mouth but the depth of character, to keep going no matter your circumstances, which makes you thrive.

# 4 Brigitte Yaghi Lebanon

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Brigitte Yaghi is a Lebanese pop singer. She has a well structured and distinctive facial bone structure. Her fair skin and sleek silky hair are so attractive. 

Yaghi pursued acting endeavors as well as music. She appeared in Bhar Ej Noujoum movie. Like her wonderful singing, her fans supported Brigitte in the field of acting. I think she is lucky to have such a great fans support.

# 3 Bassma boussil Morrocco

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Meet the lovely Morrocan beauty Bassma. She is famous for her brilliant acting skills. Although, she is also pretty and having catchy facial features. A perfect face for representing the classy beauty of middle eastern women.

# 2  Zeina Reda Egypt

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Zeina is an excellent Egyptian actress and a very exceptionally successful model. She is a professional actress and as part of her profession, acting out whichever scene she is required to do, she sure does and makes a HiT! Zeina has modeled for many famous designers. She also worked as a broadcaster in one of the channels of Arab Radio and Television where she presented technical programmes. Every time she proved her skills in a better way and her fans feel proud.

Sophia Loren of Arabs

when this Egyptian beauty entered the acting world she chose to name herself “Zeina”. She was called “Sophia Loren of Arabs” by director Youssef Chahine after he saw her in the movie Montaha El Laza.

 Award-winning actress

No doubt, Zenia is one of the most talented actresses in the industry and has won a number of awards.


There are also many rumors stating that she was a high school teacher for about 2 years.

Before Fame

As we all know Zenia started her entertainment career as a model, appearing in commercials and video clips. Before fame, she has worked as a broadcaster for a channel with Arab Radio and Television.

She faced many problems in personal life

we can only see a beautiful sexy persona of any actress, we have no idea that they also face many problems like any simple woman. Zenia also suffers a lot of hardships but she proved that she is not only a beautiful actress but also a graceful brave lady.

Zeina had a twin of boys in October 2013, she claimed that their father is the famous actor Ahmed Ezz after a customary marriage. Ezz denied such allegations so Zenia asked for a DNA test to verify her claims. In 2015, Cairo family court ruled in favor of Zeina to register the boys with Ezz being the biological father after he refused to do the test.

# 1 Nermin Mohsen Saudi Arabia

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Nermin Mohsen is a Saudi Actress, her debut was on 2010 in maraya series with talented Syrian actor Yasser al-Azma.

As the starting of her career is excellent but her whole journey is not so successful. She is beautiful and many fashion magazines cover her photo on the front page. I think Nermin is stunning! How can people say she doesn’t deserve to be on this list? She is beautiful, Her beauty may not be 100% natural but most celebrities aren’t completely Natural.

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