Top 10 Trendsetting Funky Hair Colours For Short Hair

Variety of hair colours are now introduced. When you change hair color your whole personality changed. Now its up to you, how you want your look good or just okay. Definitely everyone wants good looking personality overall. Hair colour is one of the important things that should be noticed. Actually, sometimes we like the hair colour that is little different but we not adopt it due to hesitation or you can say lack of confidence. No length of hair size matter for hair color. If your hair are short than no worry they look more glamorous. For example, lets see Funky Hair Colours For Short Hair. These type of hair color look so unique and they provide a confident look. Don’t by shy, pick your funky hair color. One thing more your classy hair cut is very important when you apply Funky Hair Colours For Short Hair.

10. Mashup of different colors

funky hair colours for short hairSource Image

Good looking hair cut make this hair color very attractive.

9. Different Colored Pixie


Different color or applied on hair a perfect funky look.

8. Blooming color


Blooming hair color we call this because it look so pretty. Very confident look.

7. Highlights Short Hair

pic source

This funky hair color give you a prominent look in which your whole personality seems adorable.

6. Rainbow Underneath


This hair color idea is very cool actually, this sounds like rainbow. Beautiful rainbow hair color attract eyes.

5. Classy bold color

funky hair colours for short hair
Image Source

A very sexy bold look you gain after applying this color on hair. A glamorous funky look.

4. Pinkish  light brown color


funky hair colours for short hair
Image Source

Shoulder length hair color ideas are different but the look in above image is cute.

3. Bright eye catching  color


Some color are the perfect way of attracting the eyes and their bright look force to watch them constantly. The above short hair color pictures proof it very well.

2. Cool hair color

funky hair colours for short hairSource

This funky hair color is simple but cool. So anyone can apply it. It goes well with everyone.

1. Alexa Chung Hair Color

funky hair colours for short hairSource

Beauteous look this funky hair color gives. You belong to any profession easily adopt it. As this color is very very impressive and the best choice for funky hair colors for short hair.

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1.Alexa Chung Hair Color
2.Cool hair color
3.Bright eye catching  color
4.Pinkish  light brown color
5.Classy bold color
6.Rainbow Underneath
7.Highlights Short Hair
8.Blooming color
9.Different Colored Pixie
10.Mashup of different colors