Top 10 Stunning List Of Iron Rich Foods For Anemia

Anemia is a serious medical condition in which the red blood cell count or hemoglobin is usually found to be less than normal. When the hemoglobin level in men is found to be less than 13.5 gram/100 ml and less than 12 gram/100 ml in women, such men and women are found to be anemic patient. There are some symptoms of anemia that shows about those people who are anemic patients. This is a reality anemia cannot be cured by taking iron supplements or home remedies. But if you have anemia due to nutritional deficiencies then it can be tackled by some simple home remedies. You have to use these remedies in your diet. if you feel tiredness, paleness, shortness of breath, dizziness etc. Then contact with your family doctor because these are one of the symptoms of anemia. As we all knows Anemia caused by iron deficiency and it is very common in women. If you are suffering from iron deficiency then you have to take care of your self by adding some iron-rich food in your daily diet.By using these Iron Rich Foods For Anemia we try to control over iron deficiency.

Take special care of those who are suffering from this disease.

10. Eggs


Its really a good step For the treatment of anemia. If we include iron in our daily diet. Egg is the best source of many antioxidants and protein, that really helps in building up for vitamins if you are suffering from anemia.Almost one egg have the amount of iron is 1 mg. In regular diet use half boiled egg you can take full boil also its your choice. It improves your health overall.

As it, It is not really an iron rich food, but it  really helps a lot in stocking vitamins in body with the aid of protein and antioxidant content present in it. Eggs include number of of healthy protein which are important in the production of hemoglobin.

The surprising fact is that, It also aids in cell repairing and promotes healthy hair growth. Make a high iron foods list in your cooking area so you easily remember to eat all these healthy foods.

.9.Red meat


Red meat is the favorite and tasty meat of almost everyone. So include 3 ounces of beef liver or chicken liver in your diet. Because it will help in increasing red blood cell count as it contains about 2.1 mg of heme-iron. It is an excellent source of heme iron, which is the iron present in animal foods. Heme iron is usually absorbed faster. Use foods high in iron for anemia .

8. Spinach


Spinach is the supreme food for the treatment of  anemia. It is rich source of iron and vitamin C.When these two vitamins join together then play important role in iron uptake. Surprising fact is that Spinach is a wonderful chlorophyll source.

It contains abundance of calcium, Vitamin A, B 9, E, and C, beta carotene and iron also. It helps in maintaining a healthy immune system besides getting rid of anemia. Spinach is one of an amazing iron-containing foods. Itis so good for increasing blood flow in body.

After knowing all these healthy benefits, eat more spinach because it is one of the best Iron Rich Foods For Anemia

7. Beet juice


Beet juice is famous as best vegetable juice. In color ,taste and healthy benefits all are just tremendous. Beet juice is play an important role as  blood purifier and helping a lot  in the creation of red blood cells.

Addition of beet juice in daily diet results in  improving the  blood structure and cures diseases of the circulatory system. Beets are taken as  very powerful cleansers of the liver and kidney, which help cleanse the circulatory system. Beet is known as famous Iron Rich Foods For Anemia.

6. kale

Iron Rich Foods For Anemia

Chlorophyll is important for red blood cells,.To get chlorophyll we use the best source and that is kale. Kale is so rich in chlorophyll. This is packed with incredible vitamins  K, A, C, and E as well as manganese, calcium, iron and copper.You can add this in your diet in different methods. Like add kale in green juices, in vegetable salad etc.

5. Apricots


Here we introduce One of the most versatile iron rich fruits “Apricot”. Specialty of this fruit is that it is packed with Vitamin A. Apricot focus on keeping the immune system in check. The Ripe apricots are the natural and better sources of antioxidants.

It provides helps to body to get rid of toxins. The  Antioxidants also play important role in killing free radicals that damage cells. The interesting thing is that any plant produce that has iron has non-heme iron, and that includes apricot.

As this type of iron takes its time to be absorbed by the body, and they stays in the system for very long time. Al this provides better ways in preventing anemia. It’s recommended that you take some vitamin C along with apricot  for the  better absorption of the non-heme iron.

4. Raisins

Iron Rich Foods For Anemia

Raisins provide a good amount of iron and potassium. And iron is best for anemic patients. Raisins are dried grapes. As compare to other fruits they are fairly common and have more iron than many other fruits. The best part of raisins is that they are known as one of the most nutritious dried fruits of world.

It provides help to build up  red blood cells and help in repairing worn out cells. It also have the ability of  having powerful anti-oxidants that help  a lot in detoxify blood and exterminate harmful toxins that are responsible for many health ailments.This is another best Iron Rich Foods For Anemia. Use raisins and other iron enriched foods.

3. Corn

Iron Rich Foods For Anemia

Corn is easily available food. It can easily affordable. Almost all varieties of corn are rich in antioxidants, which are important for fighting cancer-causing free radicals in body. The Presence of vitamin B 12 and folic acid present in corn can prevent anemia.

Corn is the greatest source of iron, which is known as one of the important and essential minerals necessary for the formation of forming new red blood cells. 

2. Sea Food


First of all you have to know that what is seafood.So Seafood is any form of sea life which is used as food by humans.For example, it includes fish and shellfish. There are many benefits of seafood’s. It is the excellent way reducing anemia symptoms.

No doubt It is the best source of iron. As  Being rich in iron, fish is consider as the best food that helps in preventing anemia. We have to know that  Seafood contains 7.2 mg of iron in 100 grams. Shellfish is also a famous and rich source of iron. For better results include two or three slices of seafood in your daily diet to combat with anemia.

Keep in mind that taking enough amounts of sea foods in every day diet gives good effects because 100 grams of seafood contain 7.2 mg of iron.Sea food taken as the list of foods high in iron.

1. Figs

 Iron Rich Foods For AnemiaSource

Figs have incredibly high iron content which makes them a great  and superb blood builder which is useful in cases of anemia. Many Research  proved  this interesting fact that figs have the ability to shrink cancerous tumors, and contain more calcium than milkand more potassium than bananas.

Fresh fig contains 80% water and 60% natural sugar and it is also an excellent source for consumption. Figs have 0.4 mg of iron per 100 gm. As they are not available throughout the year but dried figs are easily available.

If you daily eat four delicious figs then your iron level start increasing and soon you will recover from anemia. No doubt God created Figs the excellent remedy for anemia. For getting maximum effect eat figs with fresh squeezed orange juice, As orange juice is is rich in vitamin C,.This juice helps vitamin D  to enhances the absorption of iron in the body. After knowing about figs include this in diet as it is  one of the impressive healthy Iron Rich Foods For Anemia.  

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Top 10 Stunning List Of Iron Rich Foods For Anemia


2.Sea Food





7.Beet juice


.9.Red meat