Top 10 Outstanding And Fastest Bullet Train Services Of The World

Time is the world’s most precious thing. Once it was gone then it never comes back again. As with the help of science and technology, humans invent many things that save time when especially when we travel. Many years ago human beings travel on horses, donkeys,  and camels etc. But with the passage of times, many inventions took place and change the whole world. Technology brings a lot of facilities for us. And no doubt it makes our life more comfortable and easy.

If you are interested in Traveling to Europe then the train is the best option. Now you think that why it is the best option. The answer is so simple as the train already faster than by plane right now, Yeah its a reality. There are few bullet trains available to speed up your traveling. The basic advantage of the fastest bullet train is that by using it, you can easily reach your place and you can never face traffic problems by using this service.

And it’s an amazing adventure as well. So at least once in your life, travel on some of the fastest bullet trains and you will really find it a wonderful experience of life.

10. Alstom Euroduplex

Fastest Bullet Train


Alstom Euroduplex is a train with the big bullet. This fastest bullet train has a capacity of almost 1020 people and can travel from one place to another according to their desired destination. This is the best journey on a train as it travels from countries to countries. That is why majority of people travel on it as a tourist. No doubt this is the most feasible and safe way for traveling. Tourists can travel different European countries. This rocking train can travel at a speed of 320-kilometer per hour. It is an amazing bullet train for tourists.

9. Shinkansen Hayabusa 

fastest bullet train

This famous and fastest bullet train is known as the fastest speed train of Japan.  The train showed its speed about 400 kilometers per hour. This beautiful and fastest train is manufactured by the two well-known companies that is Kawasaki and Hitachi heavy industry.

The front portion of this train is designed as aerodynamic design. The most interesting and comfortable fact about this train is its bogeys that are designed in such a way that it provides ease to travelers. The train is risk-free that’s why all people who travel in it feel relax and happy with a comfortable journey. The system of this Japanese train is automatic that’s why there are fewer chances of accidents.

8. TGV Double Decker

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NSCF Railway Company has operated TGV Double Decker. It travels at the speed of 300-320 kilometer which is the maximum speed of this train. It has a capacity of 508 passengers at a time. This train has lower and upper births that are the reasons it has more capacity for passengers. Now, these trains are traveling in France covering almost two hundred thirty places.

It travels between Paisley and Paris. Really an amazing train service that is available in many towns and cities of France. Whenever you got a chance of visiting France, must travel on this train and you will really feel the comfort zone in this superb train.

7. ETR 500 Frecciarossa

fastest bullet train

ETR 500 Frecciarosso train has the potential of about 60 kilometers per hour. This fastest bullet train traveled from Rome to Milan for the first time.  These trains are luxurious and have a cool interior for people to travel with a sense of relaxation. ETR 500 Frecciarossa has four special cabins. These cabins are Executive Class, Business Class, Platinum Class and Standard Class. There are many better facilities available in this train as the cabins are soundproof and also they have a facility of free of cost Wi-Fi connection.

6.THSR 700T

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THSR 700T is a train from Taiwan and it is one of the fastest bullet trains. As the whole world admit this fact that the best electronics are made in Japanies. This stunning designed train is made to travel between cities of Kaohsiung and Taipei. It travels with a speed of 300 kilometers per hour. The outstanding fact is that it has shortened the long distances to only 90 minutes that is tremendous. 

5. AGV Italo

fastest bullet train

If you want a craziest train journey just come and travel in AGV Italo. Just like a magic, It travels with a maximum speed of 360 kilometers per hour. This fastest bullet train is manufactured by a company of France known as Alstom. This fantastic train has traveling route from Napoli to Rome to Friange to Bologra and then Milano.

The wonderful fact is that the distance between Rome and Napoli is 189.7 kilometer and  It completes this path in around one hour. Just awesome! The superb fact about the train is that it is made up of such material, that its 98 percent material can be recycled, making it accommodating for our environment. That’s really stunning.

4. Siemens Velaro E / AVS 103

fastest bullet train

This train can travel up to speed more than 350 kilometer per hour. It travels between Barcelona to Madrid and it is really a great invention. The design is so attractive and no doubt very comfortable. This train covers 504 km in 2 hours and 30 minutes. Almost  404 people can travel through it.

3.Talgo 350

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Talgo 350 travels in between Madrid and Barcelona situated in Spain. The highest speed of this bullet train is 350 km/hr. These trains has 12 passenger cabins. The interesting fact is that it is designed in a way to handle the pressure of air. Seating facilities are available. Named as bistro class, club class, coach class and first class. You will really enjoy traveling due to the facility of having an audio–video screen with every seat which makes traveling more enriching and entertaining. 

2.Harmony 380 A

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It is really the world’s superb train. It is a train that travels in China. This train travels between the two great cities that are Beijing and Shanghai. Chinese technology is really admirable by the whole world as in the field of  electronics, chinese have a name.

In this train, the manufacturing company took great efforts to make it very good for passengers. It can accommodate up to 494 passengers. There are many facilities in a train like lamp, electronic display and power port available.

1.Shanghai Maglev

fastest bullet train

Shanghai Maglev is in the list of number one fastest bullet train. It’s really a great revolution in this planet. By traveling on this you really get what is the meaning of fastest bullet train in real words and sense. It has a maximum speed upto 430 km/hr and 250 km/hr is its average speed.

This super fast train is operated by Shanghai Maglev Development Co-operation. 574 passengers can easily travel in it. When the first time you will Travel on it, you will feel that you are just like taking a step into the future, a place where technology works magically. So don’t miss the chance of traveling on this high-speed train of the world. Here you can feel the meaning of adventure.


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Top 10 World’s Outstanding And Fastest Bullet Train Service

1.Shanghai Maglev

2.Harmony 380 A

3.Talgo 350

4.Siemens Velaro E / AVS 103

5.AGV Italo

6.THSR 700T

7.ETR 500 Frecciarossa

8.TGV Double Decker

9.Shinkasen Hayabusa

10.Alstom Euroduplex