Top 10 Heart Touching Features About Neelum Valley

Neelum valley

God created many beautiful places on this planet. Whenever we saw these places a thought comes in mind that may be these places are same like paradise. Sometime we called those places the piece of heaven. No doubt we can never explain in words the natural beauty of this world. Everyone want’s to visit beautiful places but there are many problem’s between this wish. Sometime the travel expenditure are so expensive but don’t worry we are here to solve this problem.

When we talk about beauty mostly people want’s to visit Switzerland, Venice or any other heart touching destinations of the world. But this is also a fact that these famous beautiful places have very high travel expenditures.Everyone can not afford it.

But if you want to visit a place same like heaven, richest in natural beauty and expenditure are in good range than control your heart beat because we are introducing a place that is not so popular on international tourism level but its a great fact that its beauty is really admirable and you will really enjoy this heaven like place, that is known as “Neelum Valley“.

As there are many different valleys in Pakistan like Hunza, Sawat, Kaghan, Valleys but this valley has some special specific qualities.

neelum valley


This is the most beautiful valley situated in Azad Kashmir Pakistan.This ravishing valley  is a 144 km long bow-shaped thick forested region. This valley is known as Neelum due to a river the Neelum river, which flows through the length of the valley. The valley have a large number of natural heart touching views. There are many lakes, mountains, waterfalls, wild flowers, beautiful birds, long height trees, streams and green meadows.

Here we show Top 10 Interesting Features About Neelum Valley Pakistan. After knowing some of best features you will definitely wants to visit this valley. One of the best heart touching destination of world. However its a fact due to the lack of facilities this stunning valley is not comes in the eyes of tourists on international level.

But this is a good news that now a days many tourists comes here and they admit that this is a small Switzerland in natural beauty. Now many hotels in Neelum valley are opened. The Neelum valley hotels rates are affordable.

The people of this valley are so loving and caring. They welcome all tourists comes in their valley and they take special care of them. So here you can get good information about this awesome valley.

10.Himalayan MonalImage result for beautiful birds


The most beautiful bird of Neelum valley is Himalayan monal. It looks so beautiful and a very expensive bird. You can say it is a most specific specie of world. This is found in northern areas of Pakistan and Neelum is the best habitat of Himalayan monal.

Actually in local language it is known as murgh e zareen or surkhaab. This is the national bird of Nepal. This stunning bird is about 70 centimeters long. The name of this bird is related to Himalayan chain of mountains. Its color is so attractive and these multi-color make it the most special good looking bird of world.

Neelum valley is the habitat of many precious birds. Many kinds of eagles are present here. For birds lover there are many forests and places where you can see the great variety of precious birds that is the specialty of Neelum valley’s environment.

9.Precious herbs

Image result for morchella esculentaSource

The best parts of forests in Pakistan lies in Neelum valley. Here you can watch a large area of land covered by forests. Many kinds of tress are present here. The most interesting thing is that on mountains, in forests very expensive and really helpful herbs are present.

These herbs can be used in preparing medicines of many serious diseases. The importance of herbs can never be deny. Many kinds of mushrooms are grow here naturally.

As this is a valley rich in many natural gifts from God. It is the best place for searching unique herbs and by using these herbs we can control many diseases spreading around us. For improving the overall health of the body, herbs have been playing a basic role for decades, They really helpful in healing wounds faster, make up for nutritional supplements and also deliver a host of benefits. The Herbs gives strength  to the immune system, helps in lowering blood sugar and cholesterol. It also have anti-inflammatory qualities, and prevent from serious diseases and such as cancer.


Image result for juglans regiaSource

The world’s best dry fruit is present here. High quality of walnut you can find here. This is a very common dry fruit of Neelum valley. The walnut of this valley can easily break with hands. Its covering shell is not so hard .The taste of the walnut is quiet yummy. We knows that this is the best fruit for our brain.

As if we saw its shape with little attention we find its shape same like brain.So for good memory it is the best fruit ever. People of Neelum valley eat this dry fruit in winter and make many local dishes of walnut .

7.Precious Stones

Image result for robi stone in neelum valley pakistanSource

The most richest feature of Neelum valley is its hidden treasures.Now you think that what type of hidden treasures.The answer is very interesting. Many mountains have great mine having  Top class  precious stones. These precious stones are considered as the number one in the list of all precious stones of world.

God really gifted Neelum valley many treasures that no one can even imagine about it. There are two mine working under the supervision of government of Pakistan. One mine is situated on the place of a village known as Janwai and second mine is situated in kel sector on the place well known as “Nangi mali”.  In the mine of Jjanwai village high quality of tourmaline stone is present which can be available in three colors.

These colors are Sky blue, red color and light green. The most interesting thing is that the tourmaline that is found in this mine is in crystal form. Which is the best form of this super precious stone. As this mine has large amount of mica stone but it is not so expensive.

The second mine of precious stones in kel has its own importance.The specialty of this mine is that here another high quality of ruby stone is found. These stones are used for many purpose. Specially it is used in jewelry. In special classy rings. The work only done in these mine in only four months of a year and these months are June, July, august, and September.

After these month’s winter season comes and cover all the mountain with snow.Great glaciers took place by tremendous snowfall in Neelum valley. Soon in upcoming times this place become more facilitated and become one of the luxurious and  natural richest valley of world.

6.Wild life

Neelum valley


As Neelum valley is well richest in forests so because of this , an excellent wild life is present here.The markhor (Capra falconeri)  which is the national animal of Pakistan is present here. It is is a large goat.

Its habitat is Western Himalayas of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir. Black bear, cheetah, yolk, monkeys, black snakes, horses are present here. Wildlife lover really enjoy here after watching this valley. Due to the presence of Neelum river in this valley many varieties of fishes are found some of them are Brown trout,Rainbow trout,Shuddgurn and Snow trout.


neelum valley


Beans are one of the healthiest food. Beans  belong to an extremely large category of vegetables, containing more than 13,000 species and are second only to grains in supplying calories and protein to the world’s population. In Neelum valley this is the most famous and common food.

The amazing quality of beans are cultivated here. The taste of beans are so yummy and once you taste it you really want to eat more more and more. They are the best source of getting protein. Beans are nutrient dense and may help to prevent many diseases  such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Beans have a number of characteristics that make them heart-healthy food.If you have doubts on the healthy benefits of bean than you just observe the people of Neelum valley. They are so healthy, and their skin are fair no diabetes and heart diseases they have.

Only few amount of people are suffering from serious diseases but its a fact great amount of people of Neelum valley are so active and healthy. They walks daily and eat these healthy foods that’s the reason of their fitness level that  is superb.

4.Polo sport

Image result for Polo sport in neelum valleySource

Polo is the most interesting and really a very attractive sport.In a place of Neelum valley this sport is played the well known place known as kel.

Tourists enjoy this sport and take good memories in life. As we already mention that their is lack of facilities but the interesting and admirable fact is that the people of Neelum valley are so talented. You can observe in the recently played polo match in kel. 

No special costumes no special awards and winning amount are available for wining team. But the spirit of polo is so high in teams.They know the value of sport and all the special tricks that are used in playing polo.

The sad fact is that this polo match can not be show live on media but some lovers of polo makes the videos and publish it on social media. By watching this polo match one thing inspired that their spirit and talent are excellent.

The tourists enjoy and start shouting with happiness when the game entered in interesting part. The view of kel makes it very heart touching. The green meadows and mountains and a cute breeze all make it a perfect place for polo.


neelum valley


Oh my God the fruits of this valley are sweet in taste and their looks are more cute than their taste. The apples are the most popular and common fruit of Neelum valley. If you got the chance of visiting this valley must try this fruit and you really admit that this apple is one of the best apples of world. The beautiful looks of apple trees gives a unique beauty touch to this valley.

The delicious pears are find here. They are also very yummy. One of the most good looking fruit of Neelum valley is cherry the sweet cherries. As their looks are so beautiful and they are also very tasty.

There are many more local fruits growing in forest known as geerachey in local language.For taking the real yummy taste of Neelum valley fruits than arrange a tour in summer. Because all these fruits are available in summer.

2.Green vegetables

Image result for Green vegetablesSource

Neelum valley is the best place for the production of green leaf vegetables. Tourists loves to eat the local vegetable as favorite dish. Their taste are so nice and also they are very beneficial for health.Many of us not knows the importance of Leafy green vegetables.

They  have more nutrition per calorie than any other food. Greens look of vegetables make it a significant source vitamins A, C, E and K as well as several B vitamins. They are the richest  sources of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium.

They are also very rich in fiber, extremely low in fat and carbohydrates and provide an excellent source of protein. In Neelum valley people mostly cook these vegetables and the best thing is that they cultivated their own vegetables not buy them from market. By eating vegetables they look physically fit and the diseases related to cholesterol or blood are very few.

The most famous vegetable of Neelum valley is ‘karam’ in local language.A very good quality of turnip, daikon, potato, corn, are present here. Whenever you go Neelum valley must eat the vegetables they are very special in taste.A good quality of cheese also available.

You really enjoy it. Many local dishes are available and they are quite better.

1.Natural heart touching  scenery of Neelum valley

Neelum valleySource

The basic reason of the Neelum valley’s popularity is its heart touching natural scenery. The greenery of this valley is beyond explanation. The words become short when we talk about its beauty.

God made this valley with so much attention as its looks like heaven.The environment are perfect. The best snowfall can be seen here in winter season. The houses are made up by wood with a special design. Mostly the houses shapes are same. The huge glaciers are found during winter season. The life become quite difficult during winter days.But their is own beauty of winter season. People store food during summer season and used these store food in winter.

When all the valley is covered by snowfall. The mind blowing view of sunset is just breath taking. The beauty of watching sunset behind huge mountains are not explain. The clouds touches the mountain all are look like a wonderful dream.

The spring seasons when started all the valley are covered with beautiful wild flower that are naturally growing. The different colors of flowers make this a beautiful princess.A princess of heart .This is the perfect place for romance. All scenery gives you a perfect environment of spending time with your love ones.

Many couples are come here for their memorable dream of honeymoon.No doubt the fabulous view of this valley force you to fall in Love. Many tourists gives their feedback after visiting valley in spring season. Most of them look so fresh and they said that they are living a very busy life in their cities. But they really feel stress and need some relaxation of mind.

But when they decided to make a tour of this place they have no idea that how this beauty change their lives. They said that when the first day they get up in the morning they saw a beautiful view the fresh green meadows the mountains all look like a magical world. The silence, only the chirping birds are present. This gives them a very well sense of relaxation.

Top class spas are not give this type of relaxation. They really feel that their stress are vanish. When they drink the water of streams they feel the sweetness of water.And the water of this valley have some specific qualities.After regular drinking all problems of digestion and stomach looks better.

All the food here you eat are truly rich in proteins. As our youngsters are adventure loving so a good news for all those adventures lovers that come on here and enjoy what the meaning of adventure is.Hiking is the best option here. The perfect place for hiking lovers. The mind blowing  waterfalls are just kill your heart.

neelum valley


There are many waterfalls are present here. The Neelum river has its own beauty. This river is best for swimming for only those who knows the facts about swimming in it. So don’t take this river as your swimming pool. Its very deep. But if you want to catch fishes you can do it. And see the large amount of lovely fishes.

One more adventures thing you can do if you have dare then there is a special kind of bridges made by ropes and they are known as hanging bridge. And to walk on this bridge is not so easy if you slip than you go into the deep Neelum river. The people of Neelum valley use this very well because they have experience but those who not know how to walk on it is really difficult.

This is a very interesting bridge.But if you want to walk on it take some protection and then do this thrilling adventure.Many tourists plays football, cricket in the green meadows of Neelum valley. Very few people of Neelum valley have eyesight problem because there eyes saw every time fresh green scenery. And this is the best way to keep your eyesight good by watch fresh green view. The all time favorite and lovely place for yoga.

As yoga is a kind of exercise that is very helpful and good for health. We can do it for many purpose. Yoga really work when we do it in silence .And the best part of Neelum valley is that the environment is so peaceful.

And yoga really work here. Those who have some lungs problem just start morning walk here take long breathe and the fresh air reach to your lungs keeps you fit. All these things you can enjoy in summer season. The people of Neelum valley are so brave and hardworking. They respect tourists and feel very happy to give guide line about their valley.

If government took special steps for the development of this valley, it become the first priority of great tourism. This is a best place for investment in a better way. In upcoming years these investment gives a good amount of profit. This valley is richest in natural beauty it only needs some attention.To make it a luxurious a comfortable place. Where whole world can be connected.A question comes in mind to those who never ever listen about it. That if it is beautiful than why it is not come on international tourism  level.

Its sad fact but unfortunately government not take so much interest in introducing this land. But with the help of social media now it become popular.Due to its affordable visiting expensive. The valley has its out class charming villages. If you love traveling then watch these charming villages and you really feel every village is more beautiful than one another.

The best places to visit neelum valley are Sharda, Arang kel, Taobat,keran,kutton ,kundalshahi ,janwai,and kel. For lakes lover the most stunning lakes with heart touching beauty are present for tourists.These lakes are Chitta Katha Lake, Ratti gali lake, Saral lake, and shounter lake. But the most famous tourist attraction lake name is Ratti Gali lake. Tourists comes and makes selfies with this lovely lake view. A true taste of beauty if you really want to take then it need little effort actually little hard efforts.

Just take a bag on your back and wear a good quality of shoes that is good for walking on mountain.And start climbing on mountain after many hours you can reach on the top of mountain .So when you reach  on your destination the top of mountain you saw the view just beyond explanation.

You see the valley in your feet and clouds are touching the near small mountains all views no one can imagine even not in golden dreams. But these live moments need great effort of climbing mountain with great potential. In Pakistan the Neelum valley is well known as Wadi Neelum. Once in life must come here because its really admirable and the Neelum valley tour packages are easily available. For newly wedding couple this is the one of best heart touching destinations .

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Top 10 Interesting Features About Neelum Valley Pakistan

1.Natural heart touching  scenery

2.Green vegetables


4.Polo sport


6.Wild life

7.Precious Stones


9. Precious herbs

10.Himalayan Mona