Top 10 Glamorous & Beautiful Muslim Women of Palestine

From Gigi Hadid to Sophia Hannan, former Miss California, the Muslim world is enriched with beauty and brains. Palestine is considered to be not only one of the most ancient and sacred lands for Muslims but illustrious for its beautiful women too. Palestinian women are no less than hot Hollywood celebrities. From top models to a native student, beauty is what defines Palestinian women. A number of popular sexy Hollywood celebrities including Isabella Hadid are stemmed from Palestinian origin. We have compiled a whole list of top 10 beautiful Muslim women of Palestine for you. Have a look at the alluring beauty of these Muslim women of Palestine.

10 Bella Hadid

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Isabella Hadid is the younger sibling of Gigi Hadid. Just like her sister, Isabella has a killing body and terrific looks. This 20-year-old young model started her career at the age of 16 with a commercial project.

Stemming from her family talent, Bela was hailed in 2014 when she signed IMG Models. Hadid had her major breakthrough in 2014 as she appeared in different fashion magazines from Pop to Glamour. Receiving numerous Model of the Year awards from several platforms, Isabella Hadid continues to inspire us more with an evergreen talent of hers.

9 Gigi Hadid

beautiful muslim women

No words can do justice to the beauty Gigi Hadid has. Aside from her apparent terrific physique, Gigi is one of the top emerging super models of the world as she was named International Model of the Year as well by British Fashion Council.

Starting her career from being 2 years old to now, Gigi has successfully managed to appear on Vogue’s cover as Model of the Year.

No doubt she is very young, talented and according to her fans, she is the Prettiest Muslim Female celebrity.

8 Yasmin Al-Massari

beautiful muslim women

Having a leading role in top gossiped TV series and films as Quantico, Crossbones, and Caramel Yasmin aims to touch the skies of her talent. Hot attire, sharp body, and alluring face help her display her acting skills everywhere she goes. Yasmin has been nominated in luminous awards as Asia Pacific Screen Awards for best actress.

7 Sofia Hanan

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Sofia Hanan, 25, is a young, charming and sweet-aired beautiful Muslim woman of Palestinian descendant. Having a terrific physique, Hanan likes to think of herself as the first Palestinian woman to participate in Miss California pageant. With a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Sophia is a perfect combination of beauty and brains.

Being a winner of Miss California, Sophia aims to let the world know being an Arab does not refrain you from achieving your goals.

6 Diana Karazon

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The ‘Superstar’ winner of the Arab version of Pop Idol Diana has released over 10 singles and 5 music albums. Aridak Enta, Ya Ami Teir are most heard singles of her. From El Omr Mashi 2005 to Diana 2010, all of her albums were big hits.

Karazon is one attractive lady of killer looks. Other than being a good singer, Karazon has a leading carrier in hosting and acting as well. With attractive eyes and well, dressing sense makes a prominent place of this diva in the list of beautiful Muslim women.

5 Cherien Dabis

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Cherien Dabis is a 39-year-old Palestinian TV and Film producer, director and screenwriter of an attractive face. Slim body, deep beautiful eyes, and a perfect shape cut make Cherien grab 5th rank on our list of beautiful Muslim women of Palestine. Davis was named as top 10 directors to watch in 2009 in Variety magazine.

Having numerous nominations and awards as notable as Gotham Independent Film Awards, Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts, Cherien has produced and starred in high ranked movies as May in Summer.

Raised as both Palestinian and American, Cherien has something unique to offer in her films representing both cultures as in Amreeka and May in Summer.

4 Hanan Alattar

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Meet beautiful Hanan Alattar. Her hot, dazzling looks describe her beautiful personality perfectly. Hanan started her career in 2004 by a professional opera debut and now she has the honor of working with big names as Placido Domingo and James Colon.

Hanan has bagged numerous awards as notable as Sullivan Foundation Award, 2004. With her extraordinary talent, she proves herself as one of the most talent beautiful Muslim women of this planet.

3 Queen Rania Al-Yasin

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Queen Rania a perfect example of Palestinian Beauty.  Born to Palestinian parents on 31 August 1970, Rania Al-Yasin married off the current king of Jordan Abdullah bin Hussain and became queen Rania of Jordan.

Rania has her graduation degree of Business Administration from The American University in Cairo. Queen Rania is of the liberal mindset as she thinks Muslim women should not be forced to wear Hijab only if it’s with their own consent. Apart from her social work in the education field, Rania has quite a positive repute in her commitment to the children and youth cause for which she received UNICEF’s First Eminent Advocate for Children.

This hot and glamorous aired lady is an author of the book The Sandwich Swap. Without considering Rania the list of beautiful Muslim women seems incomplete so here she is.

2 Maisa Abd Elhadi

beautiful muslim women

Maisa the 31-year-old hot Palestinian actress is a beauty queen of the Muslim world. This stunning beauty has starred in countless movies as Personal Affairs and Eyes of a Thief. 3000 Nights are one of her top rated, highly gossiped movies.

Maisa has the skills and looks of getting someone drunk without even drinking merely with one single move of hers.

1 Dana Dajani

beautiful muslim women

This charming face lady is born and raised in Palestine with an undergrad degree in Theater from Columbia College Chicago. Polishing her talent from performances in America, Dana soon gained immense popularity in Dubai for her work in both English and Arabic.

Dana wrote and performed in Kalubela for which she received an award too. Her short films have been receiving numerous awards as such Best Actress in Tropfest 2011 and Best Film in the Arab Film Studio 2013. Other than her numerous top rated films as In Her Eyes, Maybe We Should Go, 1% inspiration Dajani has proved to be a passionate patriot as she speaks blatantly for her country Palestine.

Making the film “The Actual Truth About Palestine” Dajani speaks about the untold facts about Palestine the world does not know yet needs to. With ravishing persona, she is considered as one of the most Beautiful Muslim Women of Palestine.

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Top 10 Glamorous & Beautiful Muslim Women of Palestine

1. Dana Dajani

2 .Maisa Abd Elhadi

3. Queen Rania Al-Yasin

4. Hanan Alattar

5. Cherien Dabis

6 .Diana Karazon

7 .Sofia Hanan

8 .Yasmin Al-Massari

9. Gigi Hadid

10.Bella Hadid