Top 10 Cute Parrots of The World

It’s feel very good when you see some cute parrots, that are not only beautiful, but are also talking like humans. This list will give you a nice Arial view of some Cute parrots of the world in a very short time period. The list has nice information regarded to Lorikeets, Lovebirds,Macwas, Eclectus  and some other cute parrots. Parrots are considered as best pet bird of the world. Don’t miss to read such a nice stuff.

 10. African Grey

African Grey:

Although it’s not much beautiful in color with respect to other parrots but it is the most intelligent talkative parrot specie in the world.
African grey is a medium-sized gray, black-billed parrot, which weighs 400 gram. African grey parrots are long-lived birds that may live for 40 to 60 years, that’s most astonishing.
It’s much liked by many in the world as pet bird, and you may Google for its videos and much more stuff, where you can see that, how much this specie is capable of talking like humans.

9. Bronze-winged parrot

 Cute Parrots

28 cm long, short-tailed stocky parrots found in forests and in woodlands in north western South America. Their plumage is in drake purple or blue coloration. These parrots can live for a very long time when kept as a pet bird.
Bronze-winged parrots are intelligent and playful. Lifespan is normally 20 to 30 year, that’s really awesome.

8. Parakeets

Cute ParrotsParakeets belong to long tail parrot family. These small parrots are not only intelligent but they have outstanding personalities and are very social as well. These are famous as pet bird for humans. They form strong and loving bonds with their human companions and become a great friend.They have average 3 to 10 years of lifespan.

7. Cockatiel

Cute Parrots

Cockatiel parrots were first discovered in Australia in 1770. These are very cute among parrot family, having a beautiful red circle on their cheeks and a beautiful crown on their head.
People keep cockatiel as a pet bird, but it’s easier for a cockatiel to whistle than to talk. Normal lifespan of cockatiel is 15 year.

6. Galahs

Cute Parrots

Galahs parrots can easily be identified by its rose-pink head, neck and under path. They are the most abundant and familiar in Australian parrots, almost all over the Australia. They are found in large flocks, usually near water.
Galahs become nice as a pet bird, if you give it proper care and attention.

5. Dusky Lory

Cute Parrots

Dusky lory parrots are also known as Banded lories. They occur naturally in New-Guinea, where they are most common. They are extremely active and playful. They are short-tailed about 25cm long. The diet of dusky Lories consists of fruits, nectar and seeds.

4. Eclectus Parrots

Cute Parrots

A cute Eclectus parrot is native to Solomon Islands, Sumba and northeastern Australia. Eclectus parrots are famous for their extreme sexual dimorphism of the colors of the plumage.
Eclectus parrots are graded in top three parrots that have talking ability. These cute parrots enjoy repeating interesting sounds as well as words and phrases learned from their human companions. There are about nine different subspecies of eclectus parrots.

3. Macaws Parrots

Cute Parrots

Macaws are long-tailed and colorful parrots. Also Macaws are the longest parrot type in wingspan and length. There are about 19 species of Macaws in the world, but majority of Macaws are endangered in wild, and some are extinct. Red and gold Macaws are most beautiful Macaws in the world.

2. Lorikeet

Cute Parrots

These cute parrots are small to medium sized. They have specialized brush-tipped tongs for feeding on nectar of various blossoms. They are mostly found in Australia. Majority of Lorikeets are brightly colored. Yes of course, Lorikeet is not only a beautiful in parrot’s family but is owned my many in the word as a pet bird. Rainbow lorikeets are famous in talking, that’s why people prefer rainbow lorikeets as pet bird.

1. Lovebird Parrots

cute parrots


They are small, beautiful cute parrots of the world, having a beautiful voice. These small cute parrots are native to Africa. There are nine different species of lovebirds. These cute parrots are owned by many in the world as pets. They have a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years approximately. They live in small flocks and like to eat fruits.

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Top 10 Cute Parrots of The World

1.Lovebird Parrots
3.Macaws Parrots
4.Eclectus Parrots
5.Dusky Lory
9.Bronze-winged parrot
10.African Grey