Top 10 Best Tourist Destinations In Singapore

Singapore is in one of the great cities of the world. Singapore is a perfect place to visit. The beautiful city with neat and clean atmosphere and many best tourist destinations make it a perfect place for enjoying life in a much better way. Stunning beaches with major attractions for any tourist are also present in this Island country.
The tremendous scenic landscapes are also one of the top attractions of Singapore. This city offers you an adventure with the wild where you can closely observe the wild animals in their natural habitats. Another interesting fact is that if you like to involve outdoor parties then there in Singapore you would find thousands of places which is perfect to fulfill your outdoor parties activities.
Delicious variety of yummy dishes act as a model of attraction. There you can satisfy your appetite with delicious street foods. If you want something new than try to find some food from exotic restaurants. This type of restaurants can easily be found in Singapore.
Singapore promises to all tourist that any part of Singapore you may visit, you will really enjoy endless entertaining activities. The country is well famous for its adventurous nightlife, delightful shopping, and unique foods. Singapore is a regional hub for shopping. That’s why women love this a lot. Although Singapore has a number of Tourist Attractions. But we are here on the list going to present some of the best Tourist attractions of Singapore. Although Singapore has a number of Tourist Attractions.

10. Singapore Flyer

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A stunning experience, if you want to add your life memories then you have to visit Asia’s largest wheel known as the “Singapore Flyer”. This giant flyer is situated in the heart of downtown Marina Bay. Singapore Flyer really creates lovely moments and really adventures Environment for its riders.
From this flyer, you can take an overall view of the entire island. The superb ocean will be in just front of your eyes. The waves of the ocean and all of the Scenery there is just tremendous. This flyer has 28 air-conditioned capsules. These capsules have a high quality of decoration, safety measures and dining of course for the unforgettable memories for tourists.
The view of Singapore from flyer is much attractive at night. the lights from surroundings, the jumping waves all look so romantic and beautiful. For a special proposal for your girlfriend, this is a unique place for dating. The services of the capsule flyer are cool and admirable. Try to manage some romantic moments as Singapore flyer is the best place for your beloved ones.

9. Marina Bay Sands


This is an integrated resort present in front of Marina Bay in Singapore. This is known as the best tourist destinations in Singapore from all over the world. Marina bay sands hotel has world’s largest rooftop infinity pool, fabulous views of the city with luxury accommodation. The rooms are highly decorated along with a private bathroom and a mini bar.
Hot drinks are easily available, Delicious food of many kinds can be served there. The most attractive thing is that you can really enjoy the Panoramic views of the city from your room’s window. All facilities are available here like, Fitness Room, Gym, Swimming pool, Casino, Garden, Nightclubs, Salon, Spa, Child Pool and much more like that.
Marina Bay Sands is Asia’s leading destinations for leisure, entertainment, and for business as well. This wonderful Marina Bay Sands integrated resort has a luxury hotel, restaurants, a varied collection of shops, largest convention center of Asia, theater, an Art Science Museum and other entertainment centers.
In short, every kind of luxury environment and relaxation spots, and enjoying stuff is available here. The Sky Park of this resort has the world’s longest elevated attractive swimming pool. It is located on the top of marina bay sands hotel. From here you can watch the awesome view of Singapore. A perfect time of enjoying the view from Singapore from sky park is at the evening time.  There, you will be able to watch with your own eyes the ravishing view of the sunset.

8. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum


This is the temple known as  “Buddha Tooth Relic Temple“. It is a religious place and that’s why it is on the list of best tourist destinations. It is a Buddhist temple present in the Chinatown of Singapore. The temple is Popular for its alleged tooth from Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism religion. The building has 4 stores.

There is a museum on the third floor. The most attractive highlight of the first floor is the Hundred Dragon Hall and the Avalokitesvara Hall. Delicious food that you can eat in this temple can never be tasted anywhere. The refreshment area is present on the second floor. The building of the temple is so beautiful and many tourists and the follower of Buddhism visit here every year.

7. Singapore Botanic Gardens

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The special gift from God for Singapore is “Singapore Botanic Gardens”. There are many rare trees in the garden that increase the beauty of the garden and make an excellent environment for the human being. The main heart touching attraction of Botanic gardens is a national orchid garden. Tourists love to visit this special garden and never forget to take selfies with their loved ones. (>‿◠)✌

People who live near the garden get many benefits like they come early in the morning for jogging, walking and many other exercises they perform in this green and peaceful atmosphere. To look green plants at morning for few minutes daily is really good for eyes and taking deep breaths in clean air has a good impact on our lungs. These gardens have historical background.

The special thing about this garden is that it daily opens at 5 am to 12 pm at midnight. It is much cool and romantic spot as well. Every year visitors to this gardens are almost 4.5 billion. All this make it one of the favorites and best tourist destinations in Singapore.

6. Night Safari


Most people love to watch wildlife. But it can not be possible for everyone to go Africa or any wildlife forests in the world. But for all animal lovers, there is an attractive and amazing choice for you there in Singapore. Are you ready? Then just come and watch best wild tourist destinations in Singapore and Night safari is one of them.

Here you can see animals of different kinds and all your surroundings sounds like you are in a jungle where only you and your passion for watching wildlife is present.  Just imagine the moonlight and the night time, also you have no fear during your visit in Night Safari. Singapore Zoo is home to over 3,600 creatures including some rare and also endangered species.

The major highlights of the zoo include orangutans and a reticulated python. The Night Safari has over 1,200 animals from 110 exotic species. tiger, striped hyena, golden jackal, cape buffalo, blue sheep and the rare greater one-horned rhinoceros are some of the animals you will see there.

The Night Safari covers an area of almost 40 hectares of secondary jungle. A tram ride, upon arrival at the Night Safari, is the easiest way to familiarize you with the large grounds. At the end of the ride, feel free to stroll and take a closer look at the animals.

The sound of owls and the chance to see the tigers or hyenas feasting make your tour a truly memorable experience of life. Tourists capture these moments with wildlife in the shape of selfies.

This adventure of watching your favorite Wild animal can never ever forget in life.

5. Clarke Quay


This is a  historical riverside quay present in Singapore, situated along the Singapore River. This beautiful quay is situated upstream from the mouth of the Singapore River. On the quay many buildings, restaurants, hip cafes, clubs spas are present. The beautiful phase of quay you can watch at night. The surroundings are full of lights.

Clarke Quay offers visitors a great variety of alternative things to do for fun. Clarke Quay is most popular for its outstanding waterside restaurants and exciting collection of bars and clubs.

4. Gardens by the Bay


Gardens by the Bay is the most good looking natural park spanning up to 101 hectares (250 acres) of reclaimed land in the center of  Singapore. This park consists of three waterfront gardens name as Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden, and Bay Central Garden. All the scenery looks like a part of heaven.

Whenever you get the chance of visiting Singapore don’t miss the chance of watching this stunning out class lovely gardens. No doubt Singapore is in best vacation destinations of the world for relaxing mind and soul.

3. Raffles Hotel

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Raffles Hotel is a stunning hotel that really looks like a palace. This is a colonial-style luxury hotel in Singapore. It was established by Armenian hoteliers, the Sarkies Brothers, in 1887. This is the most luxuries and tourist staying hotel in Singapore.

This epitome of luxury boasts 15  wonderful restaurants and attractive bars. The lobby of the main building is open to the public while the hotel museum is hidden away on the 3rd floor. Tourist loves the food served here. The services are very high class and well maintained. As there are many luxuries hotels in Singapore but it is much unique that’s why it is known as the crown among the best tourist destinations of Singapore.

2. Orchard Road

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Orchard Road is just like a great street. This is a 2.2 kilometer-long road known as the entertainment hub of Singapore. The area is a major tourist attraction. Today, this attractive and impressive destination is the home of 22 malls, 6 department stores, and a whole host of hotels, restaurants, and bars.

At night the lovely scene of this road is full of colorful lights. All this express the beauty of life. Enjoy the taste of delicious food there. Every single mall on Orchard Street has its own food court. For shopping and for beauty treatment this is the best place to visit.

1. Resorts World Sentosa

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Resorts World Sentosa is the Asia’s ultimate stunning and the best holiday destinations resort. It is Situated on the island of Sentosa Singapore. The Island of Sentosa has superb and ravishing beaches and untouched tropical forest, along with fine restaurants and spas.

The entertainments you can enjoy here are just like butterfly park, a huge aquarium with dolphin lagoon, two state-of-the-art experiential movie theaters, and much more that you can’t imagine. Youngsters call this island a dream island with full-time favorite items to watch.

This is called the most visited and best tourist destinations just because of a variety of attractions and entertainment hot spots. It can be noticed that this is the favorite place of all age groups. There has the presence of water slides and attractions make it worth watching and worth visiting the place. In short, a perfect place for those who are the craziest fan of dolphin.

Here you can get the chance to swim with the stunning creature as Adventure Cove is also the home of Dolphin Bay. Aquarius Hotel is the best hotel as it is near to Adventure Cove.  Numerous activities are here for taking the real taste of life and when you get tired there are a lot of spas where you for relaxation. Singapore is the list of most prominent and best vacation spots in the world.

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Top 10 Best Tourist Destinations In Singapore

1.Resorts World Sentosa

2.Orchard Road

3.Raffles Hotel

4.Gardens by the Bay

5.Clarke Quay

6.Night Safari

7.Singapore Botanic Gardens

8.Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

9.Marina Bay Sands

10.Singapore Flyer