Enjoy these energetic Meals for Sehri That Will Keep You Going Through the Day

The Holy month Ramadan is here for all Muslim e ummahh not only to fast but also to balance their diet. Sehri is a meal that is consumed early in the morning before fajr namaz. This pre-dawn meal or suhoor is the most important meal for all the Rozedar. This is what one’s body thrives on all day. So this sehri should be consist of energetic or valuable meal. Eating the proper energetic or nutritive food for Sehri ensures that body are hydrated and nourished. It also gives the energy to go without food through the day.

There are a lot of valuable and beneficial meals that can be eaten in sehri. But according to the temperature or climate of Pakistan. We will suggest you some valuable and energetic meals for sehri that would keep you cool. This reduces thirst during fasting as well as keep you active and energetic. Since last two years, this month of Ramadan is falling in July, August and also in 2016, it is falling in the month of June – when weather is hottest and dry. Some of valuable meals are:

1- Stuffed egg paratha



This dish is very commonly used  in our society and is also economically feasible. Who Pakistani doesn’t love anda paratha? Every Pakistan love this valuable meal because it is proteineous. Egg is mainly a storehouse of protein and when the body has low energy level during fast, it provides nutrients to the body and enable a person to do work efficiently and effectively.

2- Dates and kheer

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Dates have natural sweetness which impart natural sweet flavor to the kheer. Our Holy Prophet S.A.W also used to eat these dates in sehri and Allah Almighty mentioned this nutritive & energetic fruit many times in Quran shareef especially in SARAH REHMAN and kept shiffa in this minor fruit. Taste, full of fiber, natural sweetness and Shiffa in this fruit makes the kheer perfect sweet dish for Sehri. It also keeps energy level high in all the cells throughout the day.

3- Fruit salad

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Every meal you consume during sehri should be balanced or stable with fruit salads. People may feel lethargic, constipated, and hypoglycemic and suffer from headaches or low blood pressure if they do not eat balanced or energetic food during sehri. Fruits are full of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fibers and can easily be eaten in form of salads. This valuable meal for Suhoor improves the bowel movements, maintains the blood pressure whole. To keep the energy level high a Rozedar should have a small bowel of fruit salad every day.

4-Banana oatmeal smoothie

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This juice is the mixture of orange juice, bananas and yogurt. Orange juice is a major source of fibers, yogurt is as important for stomach as gold for women and banana has minerals that help to maintain fluid levels in the body and regulates the movement of nutrients and waste products in and out of cells.

This mix juice will satiate your stomach and body with its freshness, soothing effect and taste. This valuable meal for sehri has a complete set of nutrients which a body requires.


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In the month of Holy Ramadan in summer like in May and June, lassi looks like a shelter and heaven in a glass. It is actually a gift from Punjab and now become a trend even and used globally with great delight. Lassi is a blend of yogurt, sugar and water but we can add anything in it as we like. This valuable meal for sehri keeps you hydrated. It has a soothing, cooling and refreshing effect on our internal body organs. Which are compulsory for survival in the long hot days of fasting. It is also used to reduce  the hunger for those people who do not like to drink much water in sehri. Some people add salt in it or some add sugar in it according to their choice.

Significant Truths (Sehri)

  • Ramadan is the month to keep your diet balanced through fasting for 30 days. Islam is not only a name of worship, in fact it has thousands of hidden health benefits for humans.  Worship in different forms has different health benefits for Musilms.
  • Sehri is a meal that is consumed early in the  morning before the fajar and in Quran it is also called as Suhoor.
  • Valuable Sehri meal should be whole-some following the ratio of 60% carbohydrates 30% protein and 10% fats.
  • This meal should not be fat riched because it can increase the blood pressure in heart patients so sehri should be fat free to loss body weight.
  • Avoid to drink the tea, coffee or any caffeine products in sehri as these things can stimulate our excitatory nerve fibers.
  • Ramadan especially in summer makes us more thirsty than we can imagine so Rozedar need to drink a lot of water while fasting.
  • Do not eat spicy food i.e burgers, chips, shwarmas in suhoor as it can upset your digestive system as well as excretory system.
  • valuable meal for suhoor must consist of water, fruits, juices , salad, pratha and other energetic diet.