10 Mostly Used Low Calorie Food

Food is the major contributory factor on maintenance of health but the problem is which type of food should use to ensure healthy life. Low calorie food is very effective for body to perform normal physical and social activities. It is effective both for slim and obese person because it reduces the risk of heart diseases. Food containing high calories are mainly involved in developing high blood pressure and coronary heart diseases. Many vegetables and fruits are included in low caloric food.


=> have 22 calorie per tomatoes

 Low Calorie Food

Tomatoes have vitamin C, fibers and potassium in its pulp. It also has antioxidants which are very important for skin because it protects the skin from harmful sun radiations. It reduces the chances of cancer. Many people use the tomatoes in their home remedies as well as in cooking because its calories are equally effective for outer and inner use.


=> 39 calorie per half fruit

 Low Calorie Food

Everybody knows about grapefruit diet. Many women consume it to loss their body weight and such women weighted nearly 10 pounds less and had a six percent BMI (body mass index) less than those who do not consume. It is considered as power house of heart because it contains vitamins C, potassium, folic acid and pectin fiber that are strongly effective against atherosclerosis. It also has photochemical that protects the arterial wall from oxidative damage.


=> have 22 calorie per cup

 Low Calorie Food

It is so humble food that it protects the men from cancer because it contains a pack of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and other essential amino acids. It is also a detoxifying agent due to abundance of Glucosinolate in its leaves. This food is sweet and affordable. Purple cabbage is also a nutrient rich food and promote the cellular repair, halt the cancerous growth and acts as anti-carcinogenic.


=> Zero calorie

 Low Calorie Food

It is the best and cheap food to loss body weight as it is a food with lowest calories.

Black coffee is easily used for weight loss. It alters the level of gut peptides and changes the hormones secretion which stimulate the hunger or appetite. Coffee lovers are less likely to develop colon cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and liver disease. Modern research shows that a women consuming 6 cups of coffee per day has long healthy life than those of non-drinkers.


=> 37 calorie per half cup

 Low Calorie Food

Many sweet dishes are the sign of obesity but this sweet food with lowest calories is without any guild. It has antioxidants which are effectively fight against cancerous cells. These are a best way to boost the nutrition in salad and pasta. They are the powerhouse of iron, folate, vitamins, antioxidants, potassium and other minerals. They are very sweet and delicious and boost up the body to gain proper nutrition.


 Low Calorie Food

Like other low calorie food, cauliflower also has low calories. It also have abundance of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, folates and minerals. Cauliflower is one of the top super food that may improve the breast cancer. It is also an effective anticancer agent.


=> 36 calorie per cup

 Low Calorie Food

Turnip is the Skinnier cousin of potatoes and have low glycemic load. It is a storehouse of many fibers, vitamin C and antioxidants. Their taste is amazingly crunchy and mild so use in tossed, slices, soups and stews. These low calorie foods are not only to loss body weight but also to empower the body.


=> 5 calorie per cup

 Low Calorie Food

Romaine lettuce is a best and accurate source of vitamin B, manganese, folic acid and other nutrients which help in regulation of blood sugar level and important for proper immune system function. Many pounds of lettuce and never gain an ounce. It means it has great impact on body weight loss.


=> 32 calorie per half cup

 Low Calorie Food

Don’t hold or forget the onions. It has allyl sulfides compounds that are considered as an important protective factor against endometrial cancer. Its bulb has range of flavor i.e. from sweet to sharp. It is very commonly used in our daily life.


=> 30 calories per cup

 Low Calorie Food

This sweet food is a big source of vitamin A, C, E, copper and potassium. This is effectively used in baked things without having and side effects. It is also a house of beta carotene is a powerful antioxidants. Eating pumpkins may be good for diabetic patients.