Impact’s Of Facial Cosmetic Surgery On Humman’s

What Is Facial Cosmetic Surgery?

facial cosmetic surgery

It is a type of plastic surgery. Some people have misconceptions about this term that “in this surgery some plastic type material or nylon is added with the natural skin to give the new shape or New look”. But in reality it is the reshaping or remodeling of our natural skin to give a different or better look”. It was done rarely in past but now a days facial cosmetic surgery is becoming a trend globally especially cosmetic plastic surgery.

Cosmetic plastic surgery is further classified into many subgroups according to the parts of body that are involved.  Head & neck plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, upper limb cosmetic surgery and lower limb cosmetic surgery are its common type. Liposuction, hips liposuction, nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), chin retraction are done globally now a days for cosmetic purposes.


Rhinoplasty is a nose reshaping or nose changing. This facial plastic surgery can reduce or  increase the size of nose,  shape of nose tip and nose bridge can be changed, angle between the nose and upper lip can be altered or span of nostrils can narrow or wide according to need. Reshaping of bone, bridge, cartilage and soft tissues are mainly done in this surgery.


  1. The vast majority of people do this for cosmetic reasons.
  2. Trauma to nose may also require this surgery.
  3. To achieve self-confidence or self-satisfaction, facial plastic surgery is done.
  4. After fungal infection, it is also compulsory but it is rare.
  5. Congenitally abnormal shape of nose also need it.


This is done under local anesthesia. In this, skin of the nose is separated from its framework of supporting bone and cartilage, which is then sculpted to the required shape. The nature and extent of the sculpting will depend on individual’s problem and surgeon’s recommended technique. At last in final stage, the skin is re-draped over the new framework. This minor but skill based surgery is becoming a trend in many actors, actress or other celebrities.


As the day passes, nose will start to look better and a person can expect a nose that looks natural and match harmoniously with his other facial features. It doesn’t change only the facial look but also gives a self-confidence and self-satisfaction to the person. Majority of the people are doing it to improve their body image.


It takes 1.5 to 2.5 hours to perform this surgery. Usually it takes an hour or two, but complicated procedures may take longer time. Simply the duration of this nose surgery varies from individual to individual. Patient has to stay for a night in hospital under health care team to reduce postsurgical complications.


There is no definite or pet recovery time periods for all patients who are undergoing this facial cosmetic surgery.  Every patient, case and cause is different so it can’t be given same for all. Surgeon may recommend the patient to stay at home for 10 to 14 days. Although it is minor but unusual pain persist for some days.

In recovery period patient feels his nose like a puffy object. Nose ache is also common. Swelling, bruising around eyes also persist for one or two weeks. Little bleeding also occurs in early days. By the end of this period, dressing and stiches are removed.


Mainly two types of benefit are gained by any facial cosmetic surgery

1 Emotional benefit:

Some people are in inferiority complex or any psychological problem due to abnormal shape of any part. Such patients feel happy and get self-confidence and self-satisfaction by having any cosmetic surgery

2 Physical benefits:

This is done mainly to look pretty.  By doing this, physical appearance of body is changed and person looks better.


  • Cosmetic’s surgery is not essential, it is done for cosmetic reasons but plastic surgery is essential and is done for any trauma or medical reasons.
  • Cosmetic surgery can be done by plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon but plastic surgery is done by plastic surgeon.
  • =>example of cosmetic surgery is rhinoplasty, liposuction, chin retraction etc. and plastic surgery involves breast reconstruction, cleft palate etc.


Cosmetic surgery is performed under local anesthesia. Patient may experience some complications after surgery despite of being good. Common of them are

  • Unusual pain
  • Visual disturbances like nystagmus or diplopia
  • Whitish skin near an injection site
  • Signs of stroke
  • Bleeding