Top 5 Alluring Lens Colours For Young Beautiful Girls

alluring lens colours for young girls are present in contact lenses which are the medical tool and are worn on the cornea of an eye either to correct the refractive error or for cosmetic reasons. Contact lenses are of three types


Like glasses, contact lenses are also used for refractive error i.e myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism. This is the very amazing modern invention for those people who have glasses phobia and they do like to wear glasses on events. Despite clinical causes, contact lenses also used for cosmetic purposes. They wear many beautiful contact lenses colours according to their choice, need and preference.


  • Wash your hands properly with soap prior to touching contact lenses
  • Wear contact lenses according to prescription
  • Don’t use cosmetic or fashion lenses unless they are fitted by an optometrist
  • Do not share your lenses with someone else not even with your closest one
  • Do not purchase bootleg lenses


There are thousands of colours in contact lenses which are used commonly but most widely used colours are given below

1-G&G GBT Sky

This is very commonly used by many girls, especially in foreign celebrities. This inner blue and outer Gray colour lens give a catchy effect to the eye.
These fascinating sky-blue contacts will give the eyes a pretty sapphire shine to the eye. The integrated design and the light grey outer ring will mix into any eye original colour. It will suit various characters for cosplay as the blue is very vibrant. The lens of 14.0mm diameter provides a dolly enlarging effect and gives a princess and gorgeous look when worn with artificial eyelashes.
Use these lenses properly and cautiously. These coloured lenses can wear for both purposes (clinical or non-clinical).

=>Life span: yearly disposable contacts

2-G&G Shiny Green (known as Puffy 3 tone)

Shiny Green(G&G) has a mix of dark forest tone with light lime green with golden yellow in the centre of it. Plus it contains a hint of enlargement and dilation that give maximum alluring and shining effect. It mostly suits fair complexion people. By wearing this colour contacts a girl looks lovely and pretty. These lenses are comparable to signature “Maleficent” look.
One point should keep in mind, do not use the lenses without prescription by any Doctor. These colour lenses are present in both lenses i.e fashion lenses or lenses for eyesight.

=>Life span: yearly disposable contacts


These yearly disposable contact lenses are very popular for lighter eye colours. The benefit of these lenses is they will give the appearance of black pupils while creating a dramatic dolly enlarging effect. The faded or lighter inner ring means that it will even mix into lighter eye colours and give the perfect heart touching eye effect. These lenses are fit for every kind of complexion and for every type of faces. If you are looking for a kawaii look, pick these colour lens up.
Proper prescription and expire date of lenses must keep in mind. Store your lenses in contacts solution in a sealed bottle.

=>Life span: yearly disposable contacts


These coloured lenses have caramel colour that looks natural, therefore perfect for everyday wear.
If anyone is looking for a kawaii dolly eye look, these gorgeous and attractive hazel lenses are perfect for them! To create the perfect pin-up look, pair these lenses with dolly eye makeup and a cute costume. This puffy three tone contains yellow, brown and light grey shades and intricate striations or markings that give the eyes a charming cat-eye look. This type of colours fit for complexion and for every race and makes the eye more attractive and catchy.
Pour your lenses in a sealed bottle containing distilled water or normal saline.

=>Life span: yearly disposable contacts


In fairy tales, like an innocent princess, these contact lenses enlarge or dilate your eyes, making them look as if you stepped right out of a story. The golden type shade makes your eyes sparkle and shimmer. Its black edges will make your eyes doe-like. while the colour of fresh green apples makes your eyes look awesome. It also looks natural to some extent but fit for everybody. Use these beautiful colour lenses at any time and have a hear touching look. To enhance the brightness of your eyes, use eye shaded in smoky colour with these lenses and have an elegant look.

=>Life span: yearly disposable contacts

alluring lens colours
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