A Unique List of Islamic Quotes About Hijab

People like and adopt the latest fashion so that they impress others…But what do you say about someone who wears such a unique fashion that is loved by ALLAH ??? Yes, the Sunnah brand is a unique and superior fashion and Remember that the slaves of Allah make Allah their top priority. Here is a unique list of Islamic quotes about hijab.

A Sunnah Brand

islamic quotes about hijab

Protect Your Dignity

When a woman wear hijab properly only for the sake of Allah then Allah will never leave her alone both in this world and life hereafter. Hijab actually multiplies the dignity of a woman, so wearing Hijab is a smart and a wise choice. No matter what hurdles do you face in wearing hijab, just remember if Jannah is in your dream then hold tight to your Deen.

Islamic quotes about hijab

Hijab Is A Real Beauty

In Arabic the meaning of woman is ‘a hidden thing’. Allah Swt has mentioned in Qur’an that the most attractive thing in this world is a woman… we notice that every precious object is protected by some kind of shield, so a woman has unique kind of shield that is called Hijab.

Islamic quotes about hijab

Hijab Multiplies The Dignity and Respect

Hey my dear Sisters! your beauty is only for your Husband not for the world… so a wise woman will take care of his beauty by wearing hijab. By wearing Hijab, it doesn’t mean that you look ugly, no no no, but really it is proved in many social surveys and experiments that people give respect and like those who wear proper Hijab.

Islamic quotes about hijab

Hijab Is Unique 

Have you ever seen any animal wearing some kind of dress or even any cloth? but the bitter reality is that the animals are called animals because they have no sense, they are totally naked all time. Allah has made humans with dignity and respect so by wearing hijab we actually make a difference between animals and humans.

Islamic quotes about hijab

Hijab – Way Towards Jannah

Any good deed that is being adopted for the sake of Allah has much weight and value in the sight of Allah Swt.

Islamic quotes about hijab

Hijab Show Your Commitment

Even many non-Muslims has said that hijab is a good thing for women, but unfortunately they didn’t adopt it yet. Also there are large number of Muslim girls there who accept the importance of Hijab and still didn’t wear Hijab… Don’t you think it is the lack of courage and commitment?

Islamic quotes about hijab

Hijab – A Trust Protector

There is no hidden thing among wife and husband but those women who are not married should take care of their hijab and protect and save their beauty for their husbands. Don’t forget this world is actually an exam for every individual. Allah is continuously watching us furthermore don’t forget that the greater the exam the greater will be the reward, both in Dunya and Akhirah…

Islamic quotes about hijab

Hijab – Distinctive Pearl

Even the most corrupt man want a woman as his wife, that has a noble character.

Islamic quotes about hijab

Hijab – A Wise Choice 

Tell me, if one tasty cake is uncovered and other is properly covered. From which cake flies and other animals attract? Your answer will definitely towards uncovered cake. What if i apply this analogy on hijabi and non-hijabi girls… hope you understood the point.

Islamic quotes about hijab

Jannah’s Brand

Islam does not want to stop us from every kind of fashion but protect us from evil filled fashion. Islam actually appreciate the decent and unique fashion brand. And presented such a unique and high fashion brand that is matchless.

Islamic quotes about hijab

Allah Should be The Top Priority

Do you know which kind of work is the most easy in this world? I tell you it’s actually criticism. People will comment good or bad on each and everything that happen to you. Just focus on Allah, make Allah as your top priority. Allah will sufficient you in every kind of trial and difficulty in your life journey.

Islamic quotes about hijab

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