10 Top Most Tourist Places in Switzerland

Switzerland is a very beautiful country. It is situated in western and central Europe. Switzerland has several excellent and well-facilitated tourist places throughout the Globe. It is the heaven of many Lakes, Villages, and high peaks of alps. Tourists like to visit Switzerland. This place is so beautiful that everyone falls in love with Switzerland due to its awesome beauty.    

10. Interlaken                                                                              tourist places


Interlaken is a resort town of Switzerland present on the River Aave between two Lakes Thun and Brienz. There in Interlaken, tourists found too much fun and amazing things like mountain railways, cable cars, chair lifts and much more. Interlaken is still a popular visiting place in Switzerland. The popularity of Interlaken started in the early of 1800. Here visitor’s come to watch the amazing views of famous three mountains, That are the  Eiger, the Jungfrau, and the Monch.                                                                                                                       

9. Lausanne                                                              tourist places


Lausanne is a city of Switzerland Located on the Lake Geneva. It is famous for tourism but also for hosting the International Olympic Committee. In Lausanne many museums are present as well as sporting activities are very famous in Lausanne. Important sports here are hockey and Football.      

8. Geneva                                                                                                                                tourist places


Geneva is the most famous city in Switzerland. It is very famous due to the presence of some good financial centers and a lot of headquarters of international organizations of United Nations. Geneva is financially strong and that’s why the lifestyle in Geneva is high. One more thing about Geneva is that it is Considered as the most expensive city in the world. Geneva’s nickname is “city of parks”. Tourists enjoy the high-Quality lifestyle of Geneva. Visitors enjoy the Green view of Geneva and love to taking, boat and Riding on the lake of Geneva.          

7. Zurich                                                                                                                                                      tourist places


Zurich is a lovely, famous and the largest city in Switzerland. It is one of the world’s strongest financial city. Many museums like Kunsthaus and art galleries present in Zurich city. The official language in Zurich is “Swiss”, standardly German and on the other hand spoken language is Zurich German. Biking is the most popular sport in Zurich city. Traditional dishes are Zurich Geschnetceltes and trigger. Here you visit a lot of interesting things like Museums, Parks, Architecture nightlife and clubbing and much more like that.  

6. Zermatt                                                                                                                    tourist places


Zermatt is a small village of Switzerland. In Zermatt, you enjoy the beautiful views of mountains. The most amazing in Zermatt is the beauty of a sunset. Tourists enjoy skiing, climbing in Zermatt. The food in Zermatt is very tasty, simple and dishes are nice with affordable prices as well. In Zermatt “Matterhorn” mountain is present and due to its magical view, Tourists love it very much and it is considered as one of largest mountains of Switzerland. The people of Zermatt are so loving and simple.

5. Jungfrau Region                                                                                                                       tourist places


Jungfrau Region is a most lovely heaven place in Switzerland. Tourists are coming here in both seasons of spring and winter about two centuries ago. Those who like climbing mountains or love adventures should go to Jungfrau Region. With the passage of time, new development, railway networks and paths of a bike are being established for tourists, so that tourists could easily watch and love the beauty of nature in Jungfrau Region.

4. Lugano tourist places


Lugano is an amazing city in the south of Switzerland. It is famous for tourist places in the world. This city has a border with Italy. Lugano is situated near lake Lugano and Lugano is an attractive land for tourists. The number of historic buildings and museums are present here also in Lugano, tourists enjoy mountain biking trails. 

3. Lake Geneva                                                                                                                                         tourist places


Lake Geneva is a wonderful place for nature lovers. Lake Geneva has considered as one of the largest lakes in Europe. A unique beauty of Lake Geneva are the cities around the lake, that strongly attract tourists to come and watch Lake Geneva. Here, a lot of attractive stuff present for the best enjoyment of skiing and hiking etc.

2.Lucerne  tourist places


It is a city of Switzerland located in central Switzerland. The official language of Lucerne is the German (Swiss variety standard). The main games football and hockey are played in Lucerne. In Lucerne, tourists come and enjoy the hiking and skiing near Rigi and Pilatus mountain.

1.Bern       tourist places


Bern is the capital city of Switzerland. Tourist falls in love at its very first visit to Bern. Here, a lot of things are the reason for the attraction like theaters, film festivals, and dozens of cinemas.  A number of shopping centers present in Bern. The famous sport of Bern is football.

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Top 10 Tourist Places in Switzerland

1. Bern
2. Lucerne  
3. Lake Geneva      
4. Lugano 
5. Jungfrau Region   
6. Zermatt   
7. Zurich
8. Geneva
9. Lausanne
10. Interlaken