10 Most Beautiful But Dangerous Places On Earth

The planet Earth has many fabulous places that are so amazing. Some places are just awesome and we feel that God has created these places like heavens on earth. The interesting and unique fact is that there are many beautiful but Dangerous Places on Earth. Some dangerous Places on Earth are being listed in this article. It’s really a unique experiment of visiting these places that are beautiful but dangerous as well. Those who love adventures and take the risk, so this article is worth reading for them.

10. Jammu and Kashmir

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Jammu and Kashmir is the fabulous place of the World. It’s like a heaven and God has gifted natural beauty to Jammu and Kashmir. Its mountains, valleys, and rivers, all are just wonderful. No doubt Jammu and Kashmir is the beautiful place in entire of the world. Many beautiful valleys are present here such as Chenab valley, Poonch valley, Lidder valley, Neelum valley, Leepa valley, Kashmir valley and Sind valley. The economy of Jammu and Kashmir depends mostly on agriculture.

The sad and dangerous fact about Kashmir valley is that it is the disputed territory between three Neculear powers that is China, India, and Pakistan. Jammu and Kashmir state is occupied by these three countries from different sides. A large part is under Indian Control, another part is under Pakistan’s Administration and in 1962 China has captured some of its Northern areas.

So Kashmir is rich in natural beauty but foreigner should take extra care when visite there. Especially when you want to visit Indian Administrated Kashmir as this area is much dangerous. Because of dangerous peace condition in Jammu and Kashmir, It is risky to visit.

9. The Maldives

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The Maldives is known as the country of islands. The largest island in Maldives is Gan. The Maldives is one of the lowest (from sea-level) countries of the world. Due to the maximum and average natural ground levels, It is said that after few years the Maldives will be submerged due to rising levels of the sea. If any Tsunami generates near the Maldives then the damage will be much high than any other country. So the Maldives is no doubt much beautiful but one of the dangerous places on earth.

8. India

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India is the seventh largest country by area in South Asia. There are many beautiful places, and historical places present in India. The dangerous reality about India is that it is not safe for women. A great number of sexual attacks against foreigners has dropped the rate of tourism. Otherwise, India is rich in unbelievable scenery.

7. Rio de Janeiro Brazil

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Rio de Janeiro is the great sea-side city of Brazil. The nickname of this city is “The Marvelous City“. This city is so beautiful as it receives many international visitors than any other city in South America. The fact that makes Rio de Janeiro dangerous place on earth is the rate of street crimes. Be careful while traveling in the city especially at night.

6. Honduras

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Honduras is a central American country. It is famous for natural resources, like coffee, sugar cane, minerals, etc. The basic problem of Honduras is a crime. A crime like murder and robbery makes Honduras in the list of most dangerous places on earth. Gangs are present that make a part of the crime and use violence and threats to enforce their power. The big cities of Honduras like Tegucigalpa, San Pedro are the main crime cities.

5. Lake Kivu, Congo

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This is one of the great African lake situated between Congo and Rwanda. The water of the lake is fresh and clean. The lake is poor in fauna but rich in volcanic substances. The largest island located in Lake Kivu is Idwi. It is the beautiful place of the world but the fact that makes it dangerous places on earth is the presence of methane gas in its depth.

If in future or maybe anytime when this gas release then it will definitely cause the lava eruption and heavy blast which will cause a huge loss of lives and property. If it happened then the life of people living around the lake are in high danger. This is the basic reason that makes it a dangerous place on earth.

4. The Eiger Switzerland

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You might think here that why is this part of Switzerland is on the list of ‘most dangerous but beautiful places of Earth’. The Eiger is the most popular but dangerous peak of the world. It is very toughest for climbing. Its north face is known as “The Murder Wall” because it has a high ratio of killings.

This area is favorite for climbing lovers but keeps in mind that here the geography is dangerous and you may lose yourself there.  The Eiger has three faces. It was first climbed in 1938. The Eiger is the dangerous but beautiful mountain of Switzerland.

3. Cape Town, South Africa

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Cape Town is the port city of South Africa. It is a very popular tourist attraction of South Africa. Many beautiful places are present in Cap town and due to its good climate and natural beauty tourist love this place a lot. Wonderful beaches present in Cap town but the dangerous fact of Cape town is a crime ratio. Take care yourself when you travel in the City especially at night.

2. Danakil Desert Ethiopia

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The Danakil Desert is also known as the cruelest place on earth. It is located in the northeast of Ethiopia. This dessert is one of the inhospitable, hottest and dangerous places in the world. People live in this desert are known as ‘Afar’. Majority of them are Muslims by Faith. The diet of these people is fish, meat, milk, and porridge made by flour etc. The multi-color regions of Danakil desert attract tourists despite the crime rate and heat. This beautiful multi-color dessert is worth watching.

1. Mount Huashan China

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It is the mountain situated near the city of Huayin in the province of Shaanxi, China. This mountain is so wonderful and has religious importance in the history of China. Mount Huashan is the home to several temples.

Climbing on Mount Huashan is amazing but also dangerous. The famous five Peaks of Mount Huashan are the East Peak, South Peak, West Peak, Middle Peak, and North Peak. If you want access to five peaks of Huashan mount, take the help of a network of narrow paths built by woods and stones. A number of tourists come here as it is wonderful but the fact is; it is really the dangerous place for climbing and hiking lovers.

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Top 10 Most Beautiful But Dangerous Places on Earth

1.Mount Huashan China

2.Danakil Desert Ethiopia

3.Cape Town, South Africa

4.The Eiger Switzerland

5.Lake Kivu, Congo


7.Rio de Janeiro Brazil


9.The Maldives

10.Jammu and Kashmir